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the least deck thing since danielisarocker.

what an unfortunate sequence of events. driving out to alder lake whilst pj and brittany proceeded to fornicate, then being confronted by four trashy young men and one ho-bag of a slut. these people seemed unpleasant, and i had a bad feeling about them right off the get-go. i had a feeling that we were next to a dumpster. the smell tipped me off.

after going to the cliffs to stare and the water, i returned to my car to find the window smashed and all my belongings gone. this had to be the work of poor people. i can't believe that for a second there i actually associated with such scum.. and they were in my car! it is now permeated with sin and filth, and will never be the same.

two day later i find myself rather angry. i desire nothing more than to hunt the lot of them on a small island, and decorate my chamber walls with their worthless heads. today i might replace some of the stolen items, or i might sit around and brood. driving my car is insufficient at best, thanks to my lack of everything.
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