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This is a community for only the COOLEST and TRENDIEST hipsters who live in P-Town, Washington.
25 mph, anti-puyallup, apartment complexes, asshole cops, automotive dealerships, being too cool, borders, boredom, canyon, cattin's, cement, chain smoking, cherokee park, churches, clarks creek park, cold stone creamery, concrete, crackheads, daffodils, decoursey park, denny's, destroying things, do the puyallup, down by the river, downtown, drinking, driving aimlessly, drugs, edgewood, emerald ridge high school, eye rolling, folk art, go-karts, goodwill, graham, hanging out, hell, highway 512, holy smokes, honda kids, i hate this town, ideal soil, jason's, kickin' it, kingpin tattoo, krispy kreme doughnuts, lame people, lil red smoke shop, livejournal, meeker days, meeker mansion, megan quann, memorial park, meridian, orting, parking lots, pavement, pierce college, pierce county, pioneer park, putt putt golf, puyallup, puyallup high school, puyallup sucks, rapid urbanization, retirement complexes, rich parents, roadkill, rogers high school, scoffing, shari's, sitting around, smoking pot, south hill, south hill mall, speeding, starbucks, starbucks by best buy, starbucks by borders, starbucks by fred meyer, suburbia, summit, sumner, sunrise, suvs, the cheap theatre, the daffodil parade, the haunted hayride, the new library, the original starbucks, the puyallup fair, the skatepark, the valley, the view, top foods, total woman health studio, traffic, value village, wal-mart, walker high school, wasting time, wildwood park, woodbine cemetary, ymca